"The Art of Change moved our fundraising and marketing efforts forward in a powerful way in a short period of time. We owe the success of these efforts to Karen and Nicole’s careful planning and the depth of their experience."

Michael Armstrong
Then Chair, Board of Directors
Boston Center for the Arts


“I will always remember the incredibly inspiring trip to Copenhagen for CHART ART FAIR with my hosts, The Art of Change. Karen and Nicole invited me as part of a new cohort of design leaders as the fair was expanding to further embrace design as a part of its agenda. From dinner under the stars at the French Consulate, to a private presentation by the artist who created The Queen’s Tapestries at Christiansborg Palace, to a day trip to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, to the culinary genius of Amass, it was inspirational art and artistry to last a lifetime.”

Denise Korn
Creative Director, Gensler and First-Time Guest of Honour


“Karen is a fund- and friend-raiser extraordinaire, who had the vision to create a fantastic new event that brought the next generation of supporters to the museum in spectacular fashion. Many of these new guests fell so in love with all that the museum has to offer that they’ve since become regular visitors and donors to the deCordova and you can’t ask for more than that. Karen has been a force in the Boston arts community for the past eighteen years building meaningful donor relationships and partnerships for all of her clients. She engages us in projects that she knows will inspired us, and we, more often than not, become dedicated patrons of the organizations she introduces us to. She makes magic happen with every project she touches."

Stephen & Frank Amelia
Then Overseers and Dance After Dark Co-Chairs
deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum


“We engaged The Art of Change to assist us in both building out and facilitating the special collectors program, The Contemporaries, for this year’s exhibition. Throughout the program’s development, both Karen and Nicole’s wise counsel, relationships and professionalism contributed to the project’s ultimate success. Their organization and management of the group while in Chicago was flawless.  We look forward to our partnership as we build on this first year to both broaden and refine the scope of this core program.”

Tony Karman
President | Director


“Karen brings a unique outlook to every event she works on. She has a great skill in connecting the right people with the best causes and is a strategic fundraiser. She’s creative, solution-oriented and a lot of fun to work with.”

Ciara Hunt Francis
Then Board of Trustee Member and MassFashion Co-Chair
Massachusetts College of Art and Design


“When the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, opened their new wing for art from the Americas, they were challenged to figure out how to leverage the increased visitation and publicity to grow membership. Enter Karen, who had the experience and the vision to develop a team of Membership Specialists who used mobile technology to engage visitors throughout their visit. Karen worked closely with multiple stakeholders to develop the mobile sales platform, and she recruited and coached the team, helping them to understand and communicate the value proposition of museum membership.

Membership sales surrounding the opening exceeded forecasts with on-site sales driving growth. Her influence lives on as the Mobile Membership Sales Team continues to be a major driver in new and renewal membership sales.”

Linton Young
Senior Manager, Visitor Experience
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


“Finding innovative ways to make connections to art organizations and cultural consumers occupies a great deal of the space in my brain. The Art of Change brought me in as a Media Sponsor of the Boston Center for the Arts’ Inaugural BCA Ball & Disco Under the Dome, which was so successful that when they asked me to participate in the same way for the New Art Center’s Jam @ 40: A Jazz Brunch Celebrating the Past, Investing in the Future my answer was an immediate yes. Karen and Nicole know everyone, do what they say they are going to do, create solid partnerships, and guarantee happy event sponsors – their game is very strong.”

Michael Kusek
Then Publisher, TAKE Magazine and
First-Time Media Sponsor
New Art Center


"The Art of Change partnered with András Szántó L.L.C. to develop a strategic plan for Pioneer Works at a critical juncture in our history. Karen and Nicole's thoughtful yet spirited presence paved the way for critical, open dialogue with our leadership, Board of Directors, staff, and external stakeholders alike. Their insights and recommendations have been invaluable, setting the stage for Pioneer Works strategic growth."

Marcia Santoni
Then Chief Operating Officer / Managing Director
Pioneer Works


“Karen came to Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts during a time of organizational transition. Her fundraising and event planning expertise helped keep us on track to reach our goals. Her dedication and careful planning produced several successful and glamorous events that engaged new and current supporters. She was a dream to work with!”

Abby Thorp
Senior Major Gifts Officer
Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts


"We can't thank Karen and Nicole enough for the amazing Nordic trip they organized for my SITE Santa Fe patron group! We have offered our patrons VIP access travel all over the world but this trip stands out as one of our most special, most memorable, and smoothest trips. Karen and Nicole's connections throughout the region made this trip unforgettable, and we were so lucky to have had Karen along for the journey, assuring that all went as planned and that our travelers were well looked after. Thank you The Art of Change for a truly exceptional art adventure!"

Irene Hofmann
Phillips Director and Chief Curator
SITE Santa Fe


“The beauty and power of Camille Altay’s artwork provided the perfect background for the meditation that Karen led during The Art of Change’s evening of art and reflection at A R E A. The quiet intentionality of sitting with others in meditation was made more profound by the presence of the art around us - thank you ladies for a fabulous evening!” 

Special Event Guest


“The Art of Change’s evening of art and artistry at CHANEL gave me the insight into just how intentionally the art is curated to create a bespoke environment - beautiful pieces were commissioned that evoke and continue Coco’s legacy. I now have a new appreciation for how special the CHANEL shopping experience really is!”

Boutique Client and Special Event Guest


“The Art of Change always puts together the most amazing experiences and groups of people and this event was no different! I loved learning more about the world of Duckie Brown from the designers themselves and having wonderful conversations with new and interesting people. Thank you The Art of Change for such a memorable evening!”

Shop Client and Special Event Guest


“Thank you for your talk, Superconnectors: Building and Sustaining Relationships That Matter - it was very helpful. Now I’m going to figure out how to get connected to Swizz Beatz!”

Inaugural Art World Conference


“The Art of Change’s Superconnectors: What’s New and Next in Building Audiences interactive session content was excellent and received rave reviews from the participants.”

Kelly Velasquez-Hague
Vice President of Content Marketing & Engagement
OneCause, Presenter of RAISE: The Fundraising Event Conference


“The Art of Change’s presentation, Superconnectors: What’s New and Next in Building Audiences, was incredibly engaging. In a large group of ambitious women, you could barely hear yourself over the enthusiastic roar of conversation that they facilitated! Their presentation style allowed for networking, brainstorming and really diving into how one can put theory to practice.”

Stacia Silvia
Board Member and Co-Chair, Programs Committee
Women In Development